A Real Nasty Character!

The series is now out in paperback and there’s one character that’s surprisingly causing quite a stir! I wanted a real baddie in the very finest sense of the word, a personification of evil in the style of classic Jack Pallance, and I think that maybe…I did okay. For every review that sings the praises of the series I get a simple email along these lines:

‘That Philippe! What a nasty character! Was he real?’

‘I can’t believe Philippe did that!!! What a sociopath.’

‘Don’t like that character Philippe at all, he deserves a good slapping!’

‘I hate Philippe…but I love him, am I weird?’

‘Can’t wait to see if Philippe gets what’s coming to him! I hope he has a really, really nasty ending.’

‘Reading like crazy to see if someone gets Philippe, they better had or I want a refund.’

‘That Philippe is the best villain ever!’

‘Hope the Druid gives that Philippe what for! Does he? I have to know!’

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A beautiful wall, an unbelievable wall…


Quote: ‘We will build a great wall along the southern border. And Mexico will pay for the wall. One hundred percent. They don’t know it yet, but they’re going to pay for it. And they’re great people and great leaders but they’re going to pay for the wall. On day one, we will begin working on an impenetrable, physical, tall, power, beautiful southern border wall. We will use the best technology, including above and below ground sensors that’s the tunnels. Remember that, above and below. Above and below ground sensors. Towers, aerial surveillance and manpower to supplement the wall, find and dislocate tunnels.’

What he really needed to say at this point was, ‘metaphorically speaking,’ because today a  Department of Homeland Security official said, ‘A wall was not realistic because it would block visibility for border agents and cut through rugged terrain, as well as bodies of water and private land.’ A House Republican aide confirmed, ‘It is now proposed that double layers of fencing would be extended along parts of the roughly 2,000-mile (3,200-km) border, rather than constructing a brick-and-mortar wall.’

If anyone misunderstood him and voted for him because of, the wall, I hope they are not too disappointed.



Life is full of them, some huge and unavoidable, impossible to ignore. Others are small, relatively insignificant but immensely satisfying. Some happen whether we like it or not and some we work hard to achieve. I have a milestone coming up that in the general scheme of things is on the smaller end of the scale, relatively unimportant to anyone but me and more like a pebble than a stone, dropped into a pocket that is already pretty full. The last instalment of my trilogy of books Britannica, that’s number 12, will be popped onto Amazon next Friday.

Two years of pretty dedicated writing, another twelve editing and publishing. Eleven times I’ve agonized about whether everything was just right and hesitated before pressing that button, ‘Save and Publish’ and come Friday I’ll do it for the twelfth and last time. It’s all done. It’s like my baby has grown up and left home. What next? All those people who have told me they like a physical book and can’t stand those ‘devices’ are going to get their wish. Britannica is going into print, I’m starting the process on Monday and if I thought it was hard to press the button when everything pretty much remains fixable…then I think I’m in for a rough ride when it comes to pressing, ‘Print’.

If you haven’t checked out my books it’s time you did! The three novels are divided up in nice little bite-sized chunks and only $2.99, it’s a first-rate read and you probably spend more than that on second-rate coffee. Britannica is good old fashioned fiction that just happens to be pretty firmly based on some historical fact, well, if you can believe anything the Romans wrote. So if you want a story full of intrigue, adventure, love, betrayal and loyalty with a good spattering of vengeance; if you want to smile one minute and shed a tear the next, this is for you.

Get your first instalment at http://www.britannicabooks.com, and if you find any bloopers let me know…I haven’t pressed print yet.

Oh crap.

No, this has nothing to do with the media coverage of the debacle which is Trump.

I am talking about the real kind, the stuff your pets put out every day. Why? I’ll tell you. I was taking a break from my gardening, sitting on my patio catching the first of the official Autumn sun. Yes sun, sorry people in the West Midlands, it’s cooled to a wonderful seventy six degrees and there’s a pleasant salty breeze off the ocean…what can I say, it’s California. I was drinking a nice cup of TJ organic coffee, which isn’t bad, whilst watching my cat treat my freshly raked vegetable bed as a huge litter box. He dug up a couple of freshly planted courgettes (that’s zucchinis to most of you) and redistributed innumerable seeds while diligently preparing the hole, he examined it and once satisfied (after a few minor adjustments) he shuffled and squatted. His giant fluffy tail rose into the air and quivered while he looked at me contentedly, then he blinked and looked away (not in shame I may add). In contrast to the skill and dexterity with which the preparations were made, his attempt to cover up his deposit was lame and decidedly half-arsed to say the least. After finishing my coffee and my second shortbread biscuit I played ‘hunt-the-poo’ while he watched and gloated in that self-righteous catty fashion he has long ago mastered.

So what? you ask yourself. I hear the words as plainly as if you had said them. Well, as I stood there, stinky poo suspended in flimsy Home Depot bag, I decided I was in a quandary. Should I really be tossing it straight into the trash and subsequently consigning the ounce of poo with a whole plastic bag to the landfill like I normally do? Should I drop it into our toilet? After all it has no litter coating it like some giant bon-bon but with the drought in California, I’m not sure that is the better alternative. I don’t feel comfortable just throwing it up some corner where it won’t be trodden on but I can’t put it back. I look at the bag, maybe my problem lies with the poo’s packaging? I have shied away from spending good money on ‘compostable’ bags but maybe it is time. After all, I only buy organic foods (except biscuits and other ‘British’ treats), I recycle like a maniac and drive a hybrid car, I shouldn’t put plastic in landfill.

I drop the bag by the back door and head inside, I’ll Google it. After I wash my hands (good practice wherever poo is involved) I easily find the answer, flush the stuff but I do the math and come up with 12 gallons of treated, premium water a week! Back I go to my original dilemma. My decision is a simple one, it can wait to be flushed until there’s more of it, after all, there are plenty of people in the house. After remembering to delete the browsing history before advertising for God-knows-what starts to come at me through every portal of my social media, I add an item to the shopping list…Poo Bags. I smile, the world may be going to shit all around me but at least I am satisfied that I have sorted out my crap.





What a year, Joe DiMaggio sets the precedence when he becomes the first $1m player. Joe Louis retires, a sad day, you know I like my boxing. Britain’s 1st launderette opens in Queensway, London and suddenly the shilling was used for something other than the meter. The 1st magazine on microfilm was offered to subscribers, and hence the descent upon the slippery slope began. US troops were withdrawn from Korea and home in time to watch Ted Schroeder win at Wimbledon. Moscow ends the blockade of West Berlin the same day that BBC radio begins broadcasting so at least there was something to talk about on the news. Fires kill 8,700 people in China but that doesn’t make the news. The Lone Ranger premieres and diddle-um, diddle-um, diddle-um-tum-tum is stuck in everyone’s brain for weeks. Truman calmly tells the nation that the Russians have set off their first nuclear device.

There are sporting triumphs and world catastrophes, peace prizes and women rising to take their rightful place in government throughout the world. Countless countries are conquered and liberated and the names in the hall’s of fame grow longer. It goes on…

And all around America all housewives had to do was follow a few simple rules before making themselves a nice frilly blouse.



Brittanica I Cover

There is a period of British history that is fascinating because it is basically…missing. It shouldn’t be, it was in a time when speech was eloquent and scholars held great knowledge; there were generations of families, kings and queens, laws and legend, rich diverse cultures and skilled craftsmen. Men of medicine and religion were highly trained and highly respected and roamed the lands having immunity and protection wherever they went. Then why, when other nations were recording every last details of heritage and history, is there nothing from Britain?  There is one simple answer, the Romans took it all. And how did they accomplish this? They annihilated the record keepers, they killed the Druids and wrote their own version of events.

In Britannica I wanted to tell the story of what might have been, what could have happened. Using historical records, facts and hypothesis and including characters based on actual people who truly existed, I wrote my own version of events.

Britannica may be a million miles from the truth, or it may be close enough to have credibility, either way it is meant to entertain not enlighten.

Due to be published as a trilogy in early 2017, Britannica is currently being published in 12 monthly instalments on Amazon. To download your copy go to http://www.britannicabooks.com

Roman Britain

Britannica cover 9

Oxymoron – an expression that contains words with opposite meanings eg. ‘a bitter sweet experience’ both pleasant and unpleasant at the same time.

Another good example would be Roman Britain…a strange, yet accurate description of Britain (well mainly England and a good chunk of Wales) during the second period of Roman occupation from 43AD to 410AD

I could go into great detail here about how and why the Romans decided it was a good idea to try to include Britain in their empire, and why it was not. Alternatively I could tell you to read my books…