Welcome to the world of Britannica!

Hopefully you are already reading and enjoying the series and have come here to find out more about the real historical characters, their imaginary family and friends and the inspiration behind the series…maybe even a little bit about me!
As you venture through the instalments of this epic saga I hope you will visit here often, make comments and ask as many questions as you like.
So if you haven’t already bought the first instalment, A Question of Loyalty pop back to my website so you can meet the children who will one day rule Britannica and your heart!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the world of Britannica!

  1. I started the series after it was recommended by a friend and have read the first 2 instalments. Will definitely buy more because I really want to know what happens to these characters leading up to the events that are well documented…no spoiler alert, I wouldn’t want to ruin it for those who don’t know what happened.
    I’m also curious to see how you have interpreted the different historical accounts that the experts don’t always agree on.
    The Druid Uisnech, who appears to be emerging as one of the main characters, is he totally fictitious?


    1. Yes, all of the Druids are totally fictitious, not even based around actual historical religious figures. Without a written language to record events in Britain, very little is know about this period so I was able to invent a world for them and decide how they would have lived within it. And yes you are correct, because Uisnech involves himself with taking care of the Royals in his family, he is definitely one of the main, and one of my favorite characters.
      Ah, the experts, they certainly don’t agree do they. I think you’ll find I have adhered faithfully to a timeline of events but you are right to look forward to future instalments because I have written about those events as I imagined they happened…after all, this is historical fiction and I hope any expert who reads Britannica dismisses it as such.
      Thank you for your comments, I hope you continue to enjoy reading Britannica and it manages to surprise and entertain you!


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