Pinterest…who knew?

When my friend Carol, (more about her at some point) said she would make a Pinterest page for Britannica I had no clue what she meant, but as her advice has been somewhat invaluable in the past I of course said, ‘Thank you,’ before I asked, ‘what’s Pinterest?’
She has been there with me every step of the way and knows the characters as well as I do, but it was still interesting to see her take on them, to have an insight into how someone else might imagine them.
The images she has chosen are spot on, we even agree on the actors that would do a great job if they had to step into the shoes of my Royals and their entourage. So although I am going to some length to keep my preconceived notion of what my characters look like from the book covers, if you are curious and want to see them as I do, go take a look. There’s a link that will take you straight there, and I take no credit for that either.
But beware, Pinterest is addictive…


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