Why Britannica?

The working title of my book series was not Britannica when I first put pen to paper (…yes pen to paper, I’m somewhat of a technophobe and had to have a laptop forced upon me at an intervention of sorts in Best Buy), it was Boadicea. This was the name by which this queen had been known to me during history lessons at school so it came naturally to call her that. The more I researched the more variations of her name appeared and I finally settled upon Boudicca, literally because I liked the way it sounded. If you’re wondering about the pronunciation, there’s a good chance it would have been Boo-di-ka…and while on that subject my Druid Uisnech, is Ooz-nik.
As the book Boudicca was to be about the queen who took on the Romans single-handed, the first scene that I wrote was meant to showcase the adult Boudicca’s skills with the sword and her prowess in battle. I set about detailing a sword fight but as I was almost finished (and very happy with my first foray into writing) I began to wonder, how did she learn to do this? Why does she have these skills and who was it that taught her? Nowhere, not in any of my research had this been even contemplated. That is how Taran was instantly conceived, the scene was re-written and she became a child at play. Who is she fighting? That was the next question and although there is no evidence that I could find to suggest they even knew each other, what better way to introduce Caractacus?
Once I had Taran I naturally asked myself, why does he care? That’s when I started to backtrack so that my wonderful, doting protector was just as important as the queen herself…after all, where would she be without him?
It started to fall into place, my book would not just be about the famous warrior queen, it would be about those around her, the people she loved and who loved her, the people who helped shape the strong woman she became. I decided my new title would be, Britannica.
For those of you who are well into the series you’ll know the scene to which I refer, if you are still on the first instalment, A Question of Loyalty, you’ll find this scene is now chapter 6 of the 2nd instalment, A Time of Sacrifice.


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