Britannica…fact or fiction?

I can safely say both but mainly fiction of course, I’m no historian, just a lover of history who used to live down the road from where Boudicca supposedly had her last battle.
Did I try to stick faithfully to the timeline of what happened to Caractacus Boudicca and where, or should I say what the experts ‘think’ happened and hazard a guess at where…of course. Did I include as many real life historical British and Roman figures as I could find…most certainly. But that’s where it ends.
The fact as I see it, is that there are no hard facts about this period in Britain. A few coins with some names lead us to believe this king or that king might have been in power…maybe. There’s a good chance this king was related to that one…supposition. Sometimes vivid and flowery descriptions and other times vague mentions in Roman records are not to be trusted, the Romans are notorious for writing propaganda born of sketchy or misrepresented facts and with a natural bias for the glorification of Rome…something I have tried to exploit in the later instalments.
So the history door is open for fiction to wedel it’s way in and I have a foot in that door.


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