Boudicca was a Celt!

There is bound to be someone at some stage who says this, and likely after taking some personal offence that I dare ignore this fact, but does it really matter?
Of course I asked myself the question, should I differentiate between the English and the Celts and the Welsh and the Irish, and then there’s the Pictish and the Cornish and the Midlanders, not to mention the Gauls…for goodness sake, it just went on and on. Then there’s the different languages, the old English, the dialects, the colloquialisms and slang…and I hadn’t even given much thought to the Romans.
Growing up in England I could cross the road, the accents would change and I’d have trouble understanding a neighbor I’d known all my life. One of my uncles moved to Stoke-On-Trent and I could never tell what he was saying. It gave me enough insight to know that if I were to do the ancient Britains any justice the task was impossible, no matter how simple Mel Gibson and Hollywood make it seem. Therefore, even before the storyline was decided upon for Britannica the decision was made that it would be simpler to just keep to the fact they were all from Britain and the only differentiation I would use would be between the tribes. And just like the Germans in the WWII films of my childhood, the Romans would all converse in perfect English…simple!
So, was Boudicca a Celt with a thick accent that hardly anyone would understand outside of her village? Probably. Actually, most likely. Does it make more sense that we can understand her? Most definitely.
I just don’t see it as a big deal and as I pointed out in a previous blog, this is fiction, so neither should anyone else.


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