Game of Thrones

Is Britannica just another Game of Thrones? No, most definitely not.
If you are looking for similarities and parallels just because they are both in historical settings with warriors, Royalty, heroes and bad guys, I have no doubt you will find them. The same way that you would find those similarities if you compared Gladiator to Ben-Hur or Mary Poppins to Peter Pan.
All I can say is that when you find them they are purely coincidental because I may be one of the 1% of the population who didn’t watch GOT, not for the whole time I was researching or writing Britannica. I have never seen an episode of Vikings either so don’t bother drawing comparisons there.
Just enjoy Britannica for what it is, a story about normal people with human limitations who believe in family, freedom and justice. Spoiler alert…they don’t have dragons, any magical powers and no-one comes back from the dead.


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