Queen Boudicca

I’m not too sure when I first learned about Boudicca, this warrior queen who took on the military might of the highly trained Roman army with little more than enthusiastic farmers; but I do know that I began to toy with the idea of writing about her when I bought a house close to one of the sites that was suspected as being the location of her last battle. That was 1992, and it would be another seven years until I first saw her famous statue in London. It was seeing the statue that did it, the sheer excitement I felt just looking at the embodiment of my heroine gave me the encouragement I needed to start the task of researching her in earnest. Of course I could find myth, legend and so-called accounts of the actions of the vengeful queen but nothing much about her early life, just opinions about who she might have been based on assumptions and the possibility she may have been in Iceni for a period as a young girl. Absolutely nothing is on record regarding her actual heritage.
So when I was finally ready to begin writing, I fell into the trap that my story should start when she was first noticed by the historians as the abused widow of a wronged king. But then I realized I wanted to know more about the young Boudicca, who was she and why had she been in Iceni? How had she risen from obscurity to be the most famous of British queens?
If you want to know my version of events, read Britannica and journey through her life as I imagine she lived it.


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