Did I write that?

When a project like Britannica takes a couple of years to write, then someone else takes over the editing for another few months and then it’s been another six months since I started to publish…you can appreciate that it has been one hell of a long time since I read some of the earlier instalments.
When I recently went to look at the second instalment to talk about a particular scene in a previous blog post, I found that I just kept on reading, pretty caught up with what was happening…it was almost as if I didn’t know where the story was taking me. I found myself thinking, did I write that?
I don’t know if the fact I enjoy reading my own writing is in any way, shape or form a recommendation to you…but I find it very satisfying that I am loving still my characters, I am laughing with them and at them and have been moved to tears when tragedy strikes them.
So, if you haven’t read any of Britannica yet, give it a try and stick with it for a few instalments, you might get hooked!


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