Amazon show me the sales stats and send me money every now and then so I have proof, people are downloading my books. I have to assume a percentage then sit there on various devices unopened, like a box that was pushed too far under the Christmas tree they go unnoticed and are forgotten for a while. A few will be visible but completely ignored until more memory is needed and then dare I say it…they will be unceremoniously and thoughtlessly deleted.
Some, maybe even the majority are being read and hopefully enjoyed. So where are the reviews? Whether they be good, bad or so-so, I wait patiently for them but they are few and far between. Do people who read historical fiction finish reading a book and simply plough greedily into the next? It’s not that people who read don’t like to write, I have emails that prove otherwise.
So come on, read an instalment of Britannica and write a little about it. Let me and other people know what you think. If you like it and say nice things then trust me, you will put a huge smile on my face but whatever your comment it will be appreciated and valued and I will learn from it…you may even shape a rewrite!
Did I mention that my books are FREE if you have Amazon Unlimited?


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