CoverJosie’s life can usually be described as mundane, she struggles to pay the rent, keep a beat-up old car on the road and a spark in her love life. As soon as she receives the package things seem to go from bad to worse, her life gets turned upside down and not in a good way.

Josie’s grandmother sent it to her and although they’d never met, she’d heard all about the woman who abandoned her mother merely days after she was born. When Josie decides to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps and find if there is another story behind her disappearance, she’s taken to familiar places that are suddenly full of mystery. There are secrets to be learned from family she never knew she had and there’s a distinct possibility she’ll uncover more than she bargained for…

Author: Carol Deeley

Published on Amazon $6.99 Free to members of Amazon Prime and Amazon Unlimited Click here to download.

Book Review by I Thornhill

My blog site is for me to witter endlessly about my books in the hope that I will find like-minded witterers who are also having sleepless nights over publishing their work with whom I can sympathize and converse. I was encouraged to blog by my friend, Carol, the little angel on my one shoulder who outtalked the negative little devil on the other. She promised me that we would walk the path together and if I would be brave enough to publish, so would she. The result is her first novel Sandalwood, and after reading it I feel uncommonly compelled to tell everyone about it. I can assure you that I am not one who is prone to give out praise when it is not due, so rest assured this is an honest opinion.

Okay, so I admit to thinking this was going to be an easy read, not at all my cup of tea because as anyone who is reading Britannica can attest, I like to be deeply committed to the long haul. I was right, it was an easy read but I was pleasantly surprised by the twists and turns and couldn’t put the damn thing down. I immediately liked Josie so I was vested in her from the start; the humor is subtle and at times ironic, undoubtedly charming and occasionally obvious (although surprisingly not clichéd) at others, and even when bad luck befalls Josie I found a small smile still played across my face. I liked that I was led through her adventure, never quite knowing if I would end up where I expected it would go, and I was a willing participant as I was led towards the conclusion of the story. Particularly enjoyed the way loose ends were tied up and imagine that this is just the kind of book that would be a perfect choice for a book club. For me it was a refreshing change and time well spent, a wonderful example of a first foray into writing and I thoroughly recommend it!



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