Brittanica I Cover

There is a period of British history that is fascinating because it is basically…missing. It shouldn’t be, it was in a time when speech was eloquent and scholars held great knowledge; there were generations of families, kings and queens, laws and legend, rich diverse cultures and skilled craftsmen. Men of medicine and religion were highly trained and highly respected and roamed the lands having immunity and protection wherever they went. Then why, when other nations were recording every last details of heritage and history, is there nothing from Britain?  There is one simple answer, the Romans took it all. And how did they accomplish this? They annihilated the record keepers, they killed the Druids and wrote their own version of events.

In Britannica I wanted to tell the story of what might have been, what could have happened. Using historical records, facts and hypothesis and including characters based on actual people who truly existed, I wrote my own version of events.

Britannica may be a million miles from the truth, or it may be close enough to have credibility, either way it is meant to entertain not enlighten.

Due to be published as a trilogy in early 2017, Britannica is currently being published in 12 monthly instalments on Amazon. To download your copy go to


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