What a year, Joe DiMaggio sets the precedence when he becomes the first $1m player. Joe Louis retires, a sad day, you know I like my boxing. Britain’s 1st launderette opens in Queensway, London and suddenly the shilling was used for something other than the meter. The 1st magazine on microfilm was offered to subscribers, and hence the descent upon the slippery slope began. US troops were withdrawn from Korea and home in time to watch Ted Schroeder win at Wimbledon. Moscow ends the blockade of West Berlin the same day that BBC radio begins broadcasting so at least there was something to talk about on the news. Fires kill 8,700 people in China but that doesn’t make the news. The Lone Ranger premieres and diddle-um, diddle-um, diddle-um-tum-tum is stuck in everyone’s brain for weeks. Truman calmly tells the nation that the Russians have set off their first nuclear device.

There are sporting triumphs and world catastrophes, peace prizes and women rising to take their rightful place in government throughout the world. Countless countries are conquered and liberated and the names in the hall’s of fame grow longer. It goes on…

And all around America all housewives had to do was follow a few simple rules before making themselves a nice frilly blouse.



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