Life is full of them, some huge and unavoidable, impossible to ignore. Others are small, relatively insignificant but immensely satisfying. Some happen whether we like it or not and some we work hard to achieve. I have a milestone coming up that in the general scheme of things is on the smaller end of the scale, relatively unimportant to anyone but me and more like a pebble than a stone, dropped into a pocket that is already pretty full. The last instalment of my trilogy of books Britannica, that’s number 12, will be popped onto Amazon next Friday.

Two years of pretty dedicated writing, another twelve editing and publishing. Eleven times I’ve agonized about whether everything was just right and hesitated before pressing that button, ‘Save and Publish’ and come Friday I’ll do it for the twelfth and last time. It’s all done. It’s like my baby has grown up and left home. What next? All those people who have told me they like a physical book and can’t stand those ‘devices’ are going to get their wish. Britannica is going into print, I’m starting the process on Monday and if I thought it was hard to press the button when everything pretty much remains fixable…then I think I’m in for a rough ride when it comes to pressing, ‘Print’.

If you haven’t checked out my books it’s time you did! The three novels are divided up in nice little bite-sized chunks and only $2.99, it’s a first-rate read and you probably spend more than that on second-rate coffee. Britannica is good old fashioned fiction that just happens to be pretty firmly based on some historical fact, well, if you can believe anything the Romans wrote. So if you want a story full of intrigue, adventure, love, betrayal and loyalty with a good spattering of vengeance; if you want to smile one minute and shed a tear the next, this is for you.

Get your first instalment at, and if you find any bloopers let me know…I haven’t pressed print yet.


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