A Real Nasty Character!

The series is now out in paperback and there’s one character that’s surprisingly causing quite a stir! I wanted a real baddie in the very finest sense of the word, a personification of evil in the style of classic Jack Pallance, and I think that maybe…I did okay. For every review that sings the praises of the series I get a simple email along these lines:

‘That Philippe! What a nasty character! Was he real?’

‘I can’t believe Philippe did that!!! What a sociopath.’

‘Don’t like that character Philippe at all, he deserves a good slapping!’

‘I hate Philippe…but I love him, am I weird?’

‘Can’t wait to see if Philippe gets what’s coming to him! I hope he has a really, really nasty ending.’

‘Reading like crazy to see if someone gets Philippe, they better had or I want a refund.’

‘That Philippe is the best villain ever!’

‘Hope the Druid gives that Philippe what for! Does he? I have to know!’

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